On plane is Proud to Partner with Cloverleaf


Cloverleaf is a comprehensive personal and team development tool that gives visibility and cross-maps your team’s personality, strengths, values, and cultural anchors. Assessments available include 16 Types (MBTI), DISC, Enneagram, Strengths Finder, VIA, Culture Pulse, and Motivating Values.Cloverleaf helps leaders and teams gain valuable insight into their own and others’ work styles, take these learnings back to their work environment and apply them in their personal lives.

On Plane offers individual coaching, leadership sessions, and team effectiveness workshops using the Cloverleaf online assessment platform.

Leadership and team effectiveness sessions are customized to meet client needs and can be conducted in ½ day or full day sessions with a focus on helping teams:

  • Discuss what high-performance looks like and how you’re doing as a team
  • Understand the stages of team development and how to accelerate moving towards high performance
  • Get to know one another better and gain a better understanding of preferences, strengths, and work styles of each team member
  • Begin a dialogue about how to leverage an understanding of your individual and team strengths and styles to enhance your performance and collaboration
  • Translate insights into operating norms/commitments for your team

Insights from Cloverleaf increase the team’s understanding of each other, improving team collaboration and resulting in more effective teams. Click the button below to take a free assessment and receive a complimentary detailed report.