Business Challenge:

Not getting necessary ROI from sales force; difficulty staffing critical sales positions.


Aligned talent and culture with business strategy. Restructured sales force and sales process. Revamped compensation and benefits plan for sales reps.

How we did it:
  • Implemented metric-driven performance management process based on defined sales behaviors
  • Reset sales territories and restructured sales force roles
  • Redesigned sales rep compensation plan and benefit offerings
  • Removed non value-added work from sales reps by building internal sales support team, allowing sales reps increased face-to-face time with customers
  • Partnered with managers to improve team performance
Results over 5 years:
  • Reduced overall cost of sales from 6% to 4% of revenue, saving over $6M annually
  • Increased average sales per rep from $1M to $7M
  • Employer of choice for difficult to find sales talent with strong passive candidate pipeline
  • Best-in-class turnover rate within industry
  • High sales force and customer satisfaction rates
  • Viewed by manufacturer partners and customers as category leader.