On Plane is a progressive Organizational Performance consulting firm with a core focus on unleashing people capabilities to increase enterprise value. Our tailored approach helps organizations to unleash the power of their people through building teams, culture and organizational capability.

We are passionate about working with small to mid-size companies and start-ups who want to build company value through human capital. We work with CEO's and leadership teams to optimize and scale their organization with best practice solutions tailored to their needs. The outcome for our clients is improved business outcomes and increased enterprise value.


People are your most important asset.

Investing in building stronger leaders and teams ultimately builds organizational capability.

High performing organizations increase business value, enhance employee’s quality of life and allows company owners to pursue what matters most to them.


We help CEO’s and organizations to:
  • Map out prioritized plan for improvement based on specific company data
  • Build strong executive leadership teams
  • Address poor performing teams
  • Staff critical positions
  • Fix hiring and selection process that don’t yield strong talent/good cultural fit
  • Align objectives between leadership and employees
  • Design effective market-based compensation and benefit plans aligned with company objectives
  • Ensure people practices and policies are compliant
  • Conduct pre-merger diligence and post-merger team assimilation

The result is improved employee engagement, improved productivity and reduced turnover

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